Message From Pro VC & Founder

Top ranked CBSE Schools Ahmedabad

"Every child deserves to be the best of what he is"

School is that integral part of society which is an instrument of achieving this goal. The goal of education in school is to explore, enhance, encourage and inculcate such learning and values that will benefit society and the workplace with the presence of these individuals. School provides experiences which serve to bring out the qualities of humanness while developing the ability to hold one’s own in the face of competition and fulfill a greater purpose of life. 

DPS Bopal endeavors to augment the personality of each child and bring out inherent qualities through years of schooling which include such varied activities as sports, dance and music, arts, and expression which aid in the discovery of such talents.

The more suited an individual is to the chosen profession, the greater is the happiness quotient. To that end, at a later stage, it also becomes the school’s responsibility to help the students to choose a path in life for which myriad activities like career counseling, and internships are provided. It is always our endeavor to create such individuals who would ‘Stand up in society and be counted.’

Best Wishes.

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