HPE and Games

Sr. NoGameQuarter 1Quarter 2Quarter 3Quarter 4
1Athletic*Jumping Drill-Running Drill-Throwing Activity-Running Skill
*Jumping Technique-Starting Drill-Throwing Position-Technique Of Field Event
*Jump Vertical-Finish Drill-Throwing Drill-Technique Of Jump.
2Basketball*Ball Passing-Ball Throe Game-2 Man Passing And 3 Man   Passing Drill-Revision Of All Drill.
*Ball Handling-Running Drill-Lay-Up And Shooting Drill-Discussion Of Violation And   Rules.
-Advances Exercise-Defenses And Offences Drill- Game With Rules
3Cricket*Catch-Basic*Basic-Under Hand Throw
Under Hand Catch-Fielding-Batting-Under Hand Throw
Upper Hand Catch-Sitting Fielding-Front Foot Defense-Long Throw
Diving Catch-Running Fielding-Cover Drive-Short Throw
4Football*Dribbling*Passing-Kicking-Game Sense
30mt.Dribbling-Wall Passing-Stationary Ball Kicking-Technical Aspects Of Game
Zig - Zag Dribble-1 To 1 Passing-Rolling Ball Kicking-Small Sided Game
-T And E Shape Dribble-Triangle Passing-Dribble And Kicking-Full Ground Game
5Handball*Gripping And Bouncing-Basic Of Throwing-Passing Various Types-Knowledge About Game
*Arm Strengthening Exercise-Wall Tapping-Passing Game-Play And Learn Activities
*Jogging And Speed Exercise-Rebounding-Jump And Shot-Strength Exercises-Grouping And Strategic Coaching
-Dribbling (Long Distances)-Ground Measurement
6JudoRolling And Its Types-Classification Of Technique-Randori In Ne-Waza-Sitting Fight
Falling And Its Types(Ukemi)-Ne.Waza-3 Type Nage Waza Technique-Grappling Technique
-Kumi-Kata-Rules Of The Game-Flight-Fight (Introduction To   Kansetsu Waza )
7Skating*Stepping-Hand MomentsCrosses With Exercise*Pushing And Side Pushing Step
*Walking With Skates-Hand Moments With Skating-Bending And Rolling*Cross Round
* Bending-Start Stepping Practice*Races Practices
8Table Tennis*Basic Grip Of Ball And Bat-Both Side Tossing (Forehand & Backhand)-Services* Forehand Chop Services
*Forehand Tossing-Wall Practice Backhand-Backhand Push* Forehand Chop
*Backhand Tossing-Wall Practice Forehand-Backhand Push*Learn How To Play Game
*Game With Rules
9VolleyballBasic-Different Type Of Services-Overhead Passing*Knowledge Of Court And Equipment
Fitness-Types Of Passing-Tapping*Technical Aspects Of Game
Jumping-Wall Under Arm Passes-Various Services*Fitness  For The Game
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