Celebrating Excellence Since 1996, CBSE Affiliation Number : 430036

Delhi Public School
Bopal, Ahmedabad

Awarded the Best School in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

DPS, Bopal: The Best School in Ahmedabad

Delhi Public School, Bopal, Ahmedabad, is an esteemed member of the Delhi Public School Society. Widely recognized as the best CBSE School in Ahmedabad, DPS Bopal is promoted by Kalorex Foundation, a Non-Profit organization registered under the Indian Trust Act. Since its inception in 1996, DPS Bopal, Ahmedabad has been a co-educational, English medium, school that is affiliated to C.B.S.E, New Delhi. The school offers a multitude of amenities on a beautiful 11-acre campus for students from Class Prep to XII.
DPS Bopal, hailed as the top CBSE school in Ahmedabad, strives constantly for excellence and application-based learning. The school has a multi-sensory, thematic play way approach to enlarge the mental horizons and broaden the outlook of children at the pre-primary level. The methodology across DPS Bopal includes a value-based approach to life, development of logical thinking, facilitation of creativity and excellence along with a communicative approach to language teaching. Emphasis is laid on integrated learning, blending technology with education.
One of the most notable CBSE Affiliated Schools (Ahmedabad), DPS Bopal endeavours to ensure that each and every DPS-ite would grow up to be a well-balanced personality with internal and external values carrying forward the vision of the school. They will learn to respect and embrace differences across varied cultures and will develop their potential by believing in themselves as capable individuals. They will learn to create, to lead, to love. and live life fully.

Hall of Fame

“Welcome to our School’s Hall of Fame, a distinguished space where we honor the extraordinary achievements and contributions of our outstanding students. Within these virtual walls, you’ll discover inspiring stories of resilience, innovation, and excellence that have left an indelible mark on our school’s legacy. 

Best English Medium School in Ahmedabad


Aanya has achieved 98.6% in Class XII exams, earning the distinction of being the city topper. She has secured admission to Christ University, Bangalore, where she will be pursuing a BA in Psychology and English.

Top 5 CBSE Schools in Ahmedabad


Kriti secured 98.4% in grade XII AISSCE and 95.4 % in grade X AISSE. She is a city topper and is dedicatedly pursuing CA.

Top CBSE School In Ahmedabad


Saksham Ahuja secured 97.8% in grade XII AISSCE.. He secured the 5th rank in the BSE International Finance Olympiad and ranked 6th in the National Finance Olympiad 2023, organized by SRCC. He aspires to be a successful entrepreneur.

Best CBSE School In Ahmedabad


Purvasha scored 97.4% in grade XII SSCE and 96.6% in grade X SCE She has an immense interest in research and wants to make her career in cancer research

Best CBSE School In Ahmedabad


Aadya Sharma has achieved All India Rank 170 and Gujarat Rank 3 in CLAT 2024. She got admission into National Law University, Jodhpur. She also secured 94.4% in Grade XII AISSE. Since joining the school in 2012, she has been committed to achieving continuous growth and excellence.

Premier CBSE School Ahmedabad

Dev Bhatia

Dev Bhatia has achieved All India Rank 18 and Gujarat state rank 1 in NEET-UG 2023. In JEE-Mains 2023 attained 98.82 percentile and also scored state ranking 11 in NASTA 2019.

Top CBSE School In Ahmedabad

Paridhi Bhambhani

Paridhi is city topper and secured 98.6% in grade Xll AISSCE. A mind ruled by creativity and pragmatism, Paridhi is an ardent researcher and orator.

Exceptional CBSE Education Ahmedabad

Prem Chhatbar

Prem secured 97.4% in grade XII AISSCE and 91.6% in grade X AISSE. He got admission into University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK in Business Management.

Leading CBSE School Ahmedabad

Vedika Mittal

Vedika secured 97.4% in grade XII AISSCE and 91.6% in grade X AISSE. She got admission to Sriram College of commerce Delhi and Perusing CA (Cleared foundation).

Top rated CBSE School Ahmedabad

Arshia Adhya

Arshia Adhya secured 97.6% in grade Xll AISSCE. Since joining the school in 2019, Arshia Adhya has developed all sorts of skills and has time and again put them to the test.

CBSE school Admission in Ahmedabad

Prachi Jindal

Prachi was the State topper with 99.8% (AIR 2) in grade X AISSE. She was invited by the Ministry of Education to witness the Republic Day Parade from the PM Box.

Top 10 School in Ahmedabad

Sangini Gandhi

Sangini Gandhi secured 97.8% in grade Xll AISSCE with a perfect 100 in Mathematics and Biology. She scored 98.6% in grade X AISSE.

Good CBSE School in Ahmedabad

Ashlesha Ratnaparkhi

Ashlesha secured 97.8% in grade Xll AISSCE and 95.6% in grade X AISSE.

Best English Medium School in Ahmedabad

Shubham Garg

Shubham Garg secured 97.6% in grade Xll AISSCE with a perfect 100 in Business Studies and 95.6% in grade X AISSE.

Top 10 CBSE School in Ahmedabad

Nandna Nair

Nandana Nair secured 97.2% in grade Xll AISSCE.


Step into the personal stories of our community members – students and parents– as they share the transformative journey at DPS Bopal, the Best CBSE School in Ahmedabad. These testimonials weave a tapestry of excellence, growth, and shared success. Explore these authentic narratives that define the spirit of the best school in Ahmedabad.

Selecting this school is the best choice I have ever made for my child. DPS Bopal is the Best CBSE School in Ahmedabad. My son is very curious and a creative learner who enjoys exploring new things and expressing himself. The teachers here understood him well.

    Mr. Sudeep Bhatia
    Mr. Sudeep Bhatia

    Parent of Dev Bhatia (NEET State Topper)

    Parent teacher workshops are a welcome initiative by the school where teachers address our queries and concerns patiently and in a seamless way. It's a perfect forum for handholding of parents.

      Ms.Shaveta Sehgal
      Ms.Shaveta Sehgal

      Mother of Vivaan Sehgal,Class II

      This is to express our gratitude towards Delhi Public School, which is in our experience is the top CBSE School in Ahmedabad, for the support provided to our son Ojas Ghate. He joined in Grarde I in the month of August 2022.

        Ms. Sakhee Ghate & Mr Sacchidanand Ghate
        Ms. Sakhee Ghate & Mr Sacchidanand Ghate

        Parents of Ojas Ghate Class I

        We are from Kutch, and I shifted to Ahmedabad with Paridhi. She wanted to study humanities, and it was evident that DPS - Bopal is the top school in Ahmedabad with a great faculty for Humanities. The school has indeed given her opportunities she couldn't have gotten otherwise.

          Dr. Preety Bhambhani
          Dr. Preety Bhambhani

          Parent of Paridhi Bhambhani Class XII

          Teaching is not just about books but about being a complete person and that is what defines DPS school. The activities done in school engages the child actively and create a positive environment to learn.

            Ms. Bhumika Pradeep
            Ms. Bhumika Pradeep

            Mother of Charvi Khurana Class: Sr. Kg.. E

            We are truly grateful to Delhi Public School-Bopal, for providing our child, Anushka Shekhawat , with a wholesome environment, which has resulted in her overall development.

              Ms. Pallavi Shekhawat & Mr VS Shekhawat
              Ms. Pallavi Shekhawat & Mr VS Shekhawat

              Parent of Anushka Shekhawat Class X

              Video Testimonial

              City Topper : Ananya Agrawal Class 2023 , Humanities 98.6%
              City Topper : Kriti Sharma Class XII 2023 , Commerce 98.4%
              Vivaash Gandhi Class X 2023 , 98.8%

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              International Collaboration - Discover the best school in Ahmedabad

              Globalization has blurred the boundaries of nations across the world. This has consequently resulted in bringing people of different nationalities closer and hence calls for more tolerant citizens. Education, which gives a universal platform to all, needs to encompass the concept of ‘Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam’, which in Sanskrit means ‘the world is one family. To facilitate this, the international dimension has to be an integral part of the DPS Bopal curriculum, making it the top School in Ahmedabad. The ‘International Collaboration’ will help to ‘Make (this world) a better place for you and for me.’

              Today’s students face a future where boundaries are abstract and global learning is critical. Tomorrow’s citizens must be global communicators, equipped to participate successfully in project-based activities, and must have collaborative skills.
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