• CBSE School in Ahmedabad
  • CBSE School in Ahmedabad
  • CBSE School in Ahmedabad
  • CBSE School in Ahmedabad


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“If a child cannot learn in the way we teach, we must teach in a way the child can learn" - Ivar Lovaas.

Positive Strokes for Special Learning Needs is the requirement of the hour.

Prerna center for Special Education an initiative of Calorx Foundation believes in ‘Each & Every’ – Every child has a potential to learn, grow and shine as per their individual potential despite their difficulties provided he/she is accepted, understood and supported in the way he/she can learn.

Prerna center aims at a threefold development program of - focusing on the cognitive, affective and behavioural improvement and progress in every child.


It identifies the innate abilities of ‘Each & Every’ child. Focus is also to develop and enhance their social, emotional and life skills which will empower them to grow holistically and support them in their day to day life and future.

The center believes in working in collaboration with the parents for the betterment of the students. Individual Parent interaction and counseling sessions related to special learning needs of the students are regularly conducted in order to create awareness, sensitize and encourage acceptance by the parents.


Some unique features of Prerna: Center for Special Education

  • At Prerna Center for Special Education the student is provided an integrated learning experience to nurture his/her potential to the fullest through indigenously developed methodology, where the focus is on concept based learning.
  • The Special Educators of the institute cater to the learning needs of the students by adopting the Multi-Sensorial approach of teaching and learning.
  • Theme based teaching with the help of ‘Gardeners Multiple Intelligence’ approach helps students identify their own learning style and learn in the best possible way.
  • All the special educators of Prerna Center are continuously put through various training programme to upgrade their skills and teaching methods.
  • We help in identifying learning difficulty in students and suggesting remedial measures.
  • Math and English Learning Labs focus on bringing up the academic levels of the students by providing remediation -- integrating multimedia & hands on activities to explain and concretize concepts, which have not been well understood during class hours.
  • Individualized Education Plan (IEP) is devised as per the individual need of the student and implemented to meet short and long term academic and behavioral goals of the student.
  • Prerna Center for Special Education follows the inclusive –exclusive approach where all the academic needs are catered to within the Prerna Center. Other co-curricular activities are conducted with the mainstream.
  • The school facilitates certification for students to avail all the provisions and concessions offered by CBSE for students with learning difficulties of class IX & X. [Optional subjects, extra time, scribe, reader,……]
  • Vocational Skill Development classes are conducted to tap each student’s innate skills and strength by involving them in various activities related to culinary, creative crafts enhancing linguistic skills in order to support the students to develop their self confidence. In addition Personality Development classes cater to help students build their self esteem.
  • All students are given Vocational Guidance through aptitude tests and counselor suggestions.
  • The Prerna Center for Special Education also offers external training programmes to teachers on teaching methods to support the students with learning difficulties.