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International Collaboration

International Collaborations


Globalization has blurred the boundaries of nations across the world. This has consequently resulted in bringing people of different nationalities closer and hence calls for more tolerant citizens. Education, which gives a universal platform to all, needs to encompass the concept of 'Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam', which in Sanskrit means ‘the world is one familyTo facilitate this, the international dimension has to be an integral part of the curriculum. The ‘International Collaboration’ will help to ‘Make (this world) a better place for you and for me.’

Learning Outcomes:

The international program aims to

  • sensitize students about the global issues and give a universal perspective of the matters

faced   at the local level.

  • bring home the fact that regional peace and prosperity is dependent on global 

sustainable development.

  • develop curiosity about other cultures and societies and help the students develop a link   between diverse cultures.
  • increase understanding of how political and cultural realities shape personalities and 

reason out the differences.

  • develop empathetic individuals and work towards a peaceful world.
  • develop varied teaching learning techniques and share best teaching practices across the globe.
  • develop skills and attitudes and adapt oneself to the changing world.

International Virtual Student Exchange Program with Schools

Objectives: To give students opportunities to broaden their outlook by interacting with people of different cultures, creeds, and colors and by having to cope with day-to-day problems in an environment completely different from the one they have experienced at home.

Skills Developed: Digital Competency, Communication, Media Literacy.


  • Vijaya Samudayik Siksha Sadan and Scholars Home Education- Nepal


  • Burnside State High School, Australia 


  • AIESEC Interns from Germany, Srilanka and Netherlands.


  • Phuentsholing Higher Secondary School-Bhutan


Virtual International Internships

Objectives: To integrate knowledge and theory learned in the classroom with practical application and skill development in a professional setting without having to work on-site and prepare for future working environment.

          Skills Developed: Leadership, Teamwork, Decision Making, Research and Analysis,  



  • Internships with Professionals from International companies like


Penny Mac LLC- California

Citibank- New York City

Tony Burch- New York

Harvard Medical School

I Cellate Medical – Sweden


Virtual Summer Programs

Objectives: To provide prospective international students with an insight into education and student life at the universities.

Skills Developed: Leadership, Teamwork, Critical Thinking, Research and Analysis, Creativity.


  • Interaction with Professors from international universities like

 Full Sail University- USA

 University College Dublin- Ireland

 Business and Hospitality Management- Switzerland

            Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, UK


International Competitions

Objectives: To help students participate in International Competitions to enhance social and emotional learning, increase Intrinsic Motivation, strengthen Academic Self-Concept, facilitate Growth Mindsets and build Mental Toughness.

Skill Developed: critical reasoning, problem solving, presentation skills, innovativeness, professional and practical approach.


Young Tycoon Business Challenge - Learn with Leaders in collaboration with HSA at Harvard University, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology EC, 10,000 NASSCOM Startups, Wadhwani Foundation, Crimson Education, TiE Silicon Valley, OP Jindal University, Shiv Nadar University, Bennet University, Westcliff University to make entrepreneurial learning accessible to high school students worldwide.

Qlabs- Discovery India Virtual Incubator- University of Queensland

STEM Challenge- Robert Gordon University, UK









Today’s students face a future where boundaries are abstract and global learning is critical. Tomorrow’s citizens must be global communicators, equipped to participate successfully in project-based activities, and must have collaborative skills.

The global marketplace and the workplace in which today’s students will be involved are rapidly changing. Most jobs they will have in the future don’t exist today. With the increased focus on outsourcing and global competition, students must be prepared to compete and succeed by using creativity and ingenuity, and partner with people from all parts of the world. Knowledge of other cultures around the world leads students to understanding and compassion. That, in turn, creates students who take action to make a difference in resolving problems and changing the world to be a better place.

We at DPS-Bopal believe that educators need to find ways to connect students from different parts of the world so that they can learn together, share knowledge and develop cultural understanding and relationships. The school has an International Students Cell to help the students who are desirous of applying to foreign universities for undergraduate programmes. The International Student Award accreditation is also an effort towards nurturing global citizenship in the students. The school has partnered with, Burnside State High School, Queensland as a ‘Sister School’ for augmented global interconnectivity and cross-cultural competency beyond the curriculum