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Home Policy

Practices Adopted to Balance the Load of Home Work
We, at Delhi Public School - Bopal, Ahmedabad, have always strived to meet the changing dynamics of education, innovation and research by equipping our students with necessary skills and knowledge. The tasks given to the students in the class room are fun-filled as they assist in recapitulation. Our school promotes and supports No Homework policy for students up to Grade II. 
Homework assigned at all levels is a review of concepts learned in class and can be completed by students independently. Activity based Homework is designed for the 21st century students to enhance creative thinking for self-enrichment.
Our teachers provide details about the estimated time required to do each assignment. Practice worksheets and Assignments are uploaded on portal to give additional practice for students. Homework also allows parents to have an active role in their child's education and helps them to evaluate their child's progress.
For the senior students, assignments focus on open-ended questions that can have various answers and points of view. Students’ answers can lead to strong collaboration, exciting conversations, new ideas, as well as encourage leadership skills. Students of all ages need to learn by creating, as it helps to synthesize information and brings joy and meaning into their educational experience.