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Green School Drive

Senior School Activities


PLANTATION DRIVE-2017, An initiative by Green School

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Earth Hour March 2017 (Click here)

Herbal Holi Celebration March 2017 (Click here)

The Swachchagraha project- Phase II- community outreach January 2017 (Click here)

Green School Exhibition December 2016 (Click here)

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Green School Workshop-2015 organized by DPS Bopal (Click here )

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Inculcating ‘Green Way of Living in Students’   With a Green School Workshop-2015 organized by DPS Bopal


Often we talk about going green but have we really thought of imbibing them in our lifestyles. Motivating the community to adapt to green habits, Delhi Public School Bopal today organized a Green School Workshop in their campus wherein leading 14 city schools participated with great zeal and enthusiasm. The workshop was segmented into various sections with each dedicated to particular energy management systems.

Green School Workshop sessions

  • Transforming existing school building into green building
  • Water Management
  • Energy/Air
  • Managing Waste as A Resource
  • Green Activities/ Green Curriculum
  • Sharing of Green Practices

Sharing more on the workshop, Principal, Mr. Surender P. Sachdeva said “The main agenda behind organizing the workshop is to incorporate Green culture in their respective schools. The routine practice of water conservation and management, energy conservation will go a long way in transforming the existing schools into a green school”. He further added “Schools is the place where a student learns the ways of life and the workshop aimed to accomplish precisely that, by inhibiting the 'Green Way of Living' in the various stages of a Childs life”.

The Keynote speaker of the morning was Dr Clarence Maloney ,International Development Consultant and Resident facilitator with KodaiKanal Inernational School,Tamilnadu. He emphasized the indigenous use of building materials in architecture. Mr Hardik Shah, IAS( Gujarat Pollution Control Board) Informed the audience about the system which are in place for pollution control and waste management in Gujarat. Dr T Hiranarayan and Nishchal Joshi too spoke on ways in which students could contribute.

Many city based schools participated in the workshop and each school brought with them a variety of solutions in conserving the nature thereby making it more green. The schools were also felicitated for sharing their Green School Ideas under 3 criteria’s; Best Green Practices, Best Sustainable Project, Best Innovative Idea.

"Earth Hour 2014"

29 March, 2014 from 08:30 to 09:30 p.m.

Since 2007, WWF is organizing Earth Hour to raise awareness about the need to take action on climate change on last Saturday of March every year.

DPS-BOPAL, Ahmedabad being a Green School believes in reducing its Carbon Footprints. 2014 is the 5th consecutive year wherein we the Dipsites proactively participated in the event by sending bulk messages to switch of the lights - through e-media like Face book, mobiles, Google, Twitter etc. and by switching off the lights.

The Green Warriors of the school not only actively participated but also inspired their friends, family members and the society to SWITCH OFF lights. This sincere effort had the motto of generating the idea that everyone can take personal responsibility for the future of the planet we live on.

We believe in Do our bit for the Mother Planet, Earth....

"Winner of Green Cup Recycle Challenge:"

A moment of pride for DPS Family. DPS, Bopal has been awarded the first prize for the Green Cup Recycle Challenge, organised by Green School Alliance, USA. Amongst 6 schools competing across the globe.


DPS, Bopal, emphasizes environmental awareness and participates in events which create the same. As a part of this drive, the school participated in the event organized by the Centre for Environment Education (CEE) on 22 April, 2014.

The day was celebrated as Earth Day. The Center had organized various events such as group Songs, Painting, Drama for students and a Quiz  for teachers.

DPS Bopal, were 2nd runners up in the group song event and our teachers Meena Damre and Sonali Potnis, won the Quiz. Schools such as DPS Bopal, Rachna High School, Cosmos International,  Maharaja Agrasen , St.Kabir, F D High School, Blue Bells and HB Kapadia participated.

"DPS Global Leadership Journey To US, 2014"

A group of 28 students from DPS, Bopal travelled to USA, for an educational trip, and were there from May 11 to May 22, 2014 under the Green Contributors' Global Leaders Journey Programme. During the trip, students of DPS Bopal enhanced their skills to a Global level. They shared environmental project works became aware of such activities going on at a global level and of local concerns in the US Schools. This included learning of their simple and easily adoptable solutions. The tour for students, included environmental programs where they interacted with experts, researchers, high-ranking delegates, professionals, leaders and decision makers. The group was escorted by two teachers and two parent volunteers.

These students can, in the future, different career options including Science, Arts, Environment, Humanities, Political Science, Management, Engineering and Medicine. Also, these students will be given the opportunity to represent schools Green Initiative in the US. The visit to the Rutgers School at New Jersey proved to be an inspiration for the students who would want academic collaborations with American students. Interactive discussions as well as cultural exchanges were a highlight of the visit. The students traveling to Diamond Community School, Orlando were fortunate enough to grab the opportunity to interact with each other and share their experience of culture and environment.  

The students also visited tourist sites like the White House, Statue of Liberty, National Air and Space Museum & the Empire State Building. The students undertook a tour of the Destroyer, a submarine which was used in the Second World War and the Air craft Carrier 10 which was used in the Second World War.

Moreover the students visited Universal studios and island of adventure, Disneyland and NASA where they visited-Kennedy space center visitors complex Orlando, Florida. It was a day of fun and a lifetime experience as they toured launch areas, had lunch and interaction with astronauts, walked beneath a massive moon rocket launched aboard the Shuttle Launch Experience. At NASA, the experience of undergoing Zero Gravity Motion in its ATX (Astronaut Training Experience) programme was extra ordinary and truly out of the world. ATX training includes interaction with astronauts and experience of simulators. The students thus developed an insight into what it takes to become an astronaut.

To sum it up the entire trip definitely proved to be a distinct and a valuable learning experience for all the students which will surely groom them to be Future Global Leaders’ in a true sense.


Academic Year 2013

"Formative Assessment: Heal The World - Inter School Competition on solid waste management -

 (classes VI to VIII)"

The students of grade 6-8 had participated in the Interschool Competition on Solid waste management organized by the United World Institute of Design. The objective of the programme was to create awareness regarding the importance of our environment and how we can save it by changing our outlook and become the change agent.

 The united world believes in empowering individuals by expanding personal horizons through a rigorous, scholarly and proactive education. The students took part individually and in groups where in they made fascinating and creative models out of waste like CD's, cans, thermocol, coconut shells, plastic bottles. The simplicity of all the models complemented its amazing creativity.

 The competition was judged by Mr. Pankaj (Mentor & Principal of United world) and Ms. Manisha on the 11th Dec 2012. The models made by the students were displayed in the Gargi building, Ground Floor. Four models made by:

  •  Soumitra Mishra 7-F
  • Anvisha, Aastha And Tanya 8-B
  • Jenil , Sameer , Prashiv And Aaditya

were shortlisted which will be exhibited in the final round to be held at Karnavati Knowledge Village,Uvarsad. This contest will be a great learning experience for the students as they will interact with the students of other schools on the grand finale.

 "Awareness on Birds' Safety - January 2013"

Lets make an effort to create the whole environment safe for the protection of the birds. Lets respect God's creation as  Without the sweet songs of birds, their visible beauty and their amazing powers of flight, the world would be an impoverished place….

God said .... Let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creature that has life, and fauna that may fly above the earth in the open firmament of heaven.

 Many people derive great pleasure, fulfillment and inspiration from watching birds and listening to them. But birds are also an intricate component of ecosystems, which we need for our own survival. Birds are one of the most populous life forms on the planet, and that biodiversity leads to a richness of life and beauty. The incredible numbers of bird species demonstrate amazing evolutionary adaptations, and by learning how birds are able to adapt throughout the world we can begin to adapt our own behaviours to live in our world, rather than to force our world into an artificial and unsustainable mould. Unfortunately, the number of birds is dwindling at a faster pace due to rapid urbanisation and increasing pollution. The root cause of the disappearance of these birds is massive development work which leads to cutting of trees and mangroves, besides pollution that is troubling the various species of birds.

 Shockingly, there is another cause for the doom of these innocent birds and it is the festival of Uttarayan which is celebrated on 14th of January every year. The festival is celebrated by flying kites joyfully. But this joy for us turns to horror for innocent, fragile, beautiful feathered souls. With Uttarayan round the corner, birds run the risk of losing their lives to killer manjas hanging in the air. The razor sharp threads called Manza used in flying the kites' cuts the bird's wings like a sharp knife that shears apart soft flower stems as it is often gummed and coated with powdered and finely crushed glass.

  Various organisations launch its awareness campaign to save birds from glass-coated manja. As responsible and sensitive human beings we should also do our bit to save the birds. We should avoid kite flying especially at dawn and dusk when the birds fly out the most. Besides it is important to inform about the injured bird to the concerned authorities. The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation along with few NGOs have started helpline numbers for treatment of birds injured during Uttarayan festival.

 "Boston Trip - (Classes V to VIII) - February 2013"

It is a matter of great honour for Delhi Public School, Bopal, Ahmedabad to participate in the Concert, Cape Cod Academy at Boston, USA from February 5 to 19, 2013.They are leaving at 8:40 pm today for Mumbai and tomorrow they will be proceeding for USA by EGYPT AIR for classes 5 to 8.

A team of 9 students of classes 5 to 8 led by Ms. Bhavna Shukla of Dance & Music Department will be representing the school. They will be displaying an impressive fusion dance signifying the importance of Indian Culture


Academic Year 2012

 "DPS Bopal's Global Leaders Journey to USA"

A group of 37 students from DPS-Bopal travelled to USA, for an educational trip, during April 30 - May 17, 2012 under the Green Contributors' Global Leaders Journey program. The trip was aimed at sharing their own environmental project works as well as creating an awareness amongst its students, about Local and Global Environment concerns in the US Schools including their simple and easily adoptable solutions with whom the school is associated from the last two years, under the project 'Green School Drive' in collaboration with Green Contributor.

Green Contributor is a Canada based organization involved in providing real life opportunities for students across the world to collaborate on current environmental issues as well as on programs that are making a positive impact. Tours for students involved encountering environmental programs where they interacted with experts, researchers, high-ranking delegates, professionals, leaders and decision makers.

The group was escorted by the Vice Principal- Ms Vandna Joshi, Green School Drive Committee member teachers, Ms Sangeeta Srivastava and Ms Dian Brait. The Journey provided exposure to the students at various grades and cover themes for students who are looking at various career options including Science, Arts, Environment, Humanities, Political Science, Management, Engineering and Medicine. Also, the students were given the opportunity to present on the schools Green School Drive, their environmental projects and initiatives undertaken through Green Contributor, to the schools and communities in US.

In the USA, the students visited and interacted with students and teachers of some of the prestigious schools of viz., Crown school at Charleston. Rutgers Preparatory School- New Jersey (to see their Sustainability Programs), Diamond Community School at Palm Bay, Florida, Moultrie Middle School at Mt. Pleasant. At three of these schools, the students of water project and Green School Drive had the opportunity to present their projects. The presentation was highly acclaimed by the school authorities as well as the students. DPS students also showcased the cultural richness of our country by presenting few Cultural Program.

At Water Mission International, the students were briefed with the Transportation Water Treatment System which provides a great relief during the time of natural disasters like earthquake, tornado and tsunamis etc. Other notable places worth mentioning are , a tour of MX Solar in Somerset (A Solar Panel Factory), White House, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, United Nations, Smithsonian Museum at Washington, National History Museum & National Air and Space Museum. The students also got a rare opportunity to undertake a tour of the Destroyer, a submarine which triggered the Second World War and also Air craft Carrier 10 which was used in the Second World War.

The visit to Solar Panel factory gave the students, a glimpse of how a top class factory in a developed country, operates. At United Nations HQ, they saw the grand assembly hall of the UN. This educational trip was also not devoid of any entertainment as they visited Universal studios and island of adventure, Disneyland and NASA.

At NASA, the experience of undergoing Zero Gravity Motion in its ATX program as well as getting an opportunity to personally interact with a veteran Astronaut, Ms. Wendy Lawrence simply left the students awestruck. During the trip, the students stopped over in Egypt to visit the most amazing historical Sphinx, Museums and Laser show of Pyramids.


We are confident that these students will be truly Global Ambassadors to spread the learning of this trip to fellow students of the country and DPS, Bopal, to start with. This will help in making our earth a better place to live in.

 "DPS-Bopal increases its Chlorophyll Content - (Class IX) - July 2012"

On Friday, the 20th July 2012, the Green School Committee spear headed plantation event at Krindangan. The event witnessed enthusiastic participation from students of class IX. On this occasion 20 saplings were planted.

In the process, students gained the knowledge of common name, scientific name and importance of these plants. They also learned few aspects of plantation like, which plants are good to be planted in combinations, its aesthetic value, the distance between two saplings, how deep to dig the ground, how to place the saplings and fill the ground along with ways of nurturing the same till it becomes a full grown tree.

The passion and involvement of students was commendable. It is an initiative of the Green School Committee



 "4th Environment Educators' Conference, TERI, New Delhi - (18th - 20th October 2011)

Ms Sangeeta Srivastava and Ms Diana Brait attended an ENVIRONMENT EDUCATORS’ CONFERENCE organised by The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) at New Delhi during 18-20 October, 2011, keeping Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) as its base.

ESD has become a key element in transforming the society where teachers are seen as key partners who can help make formal learning enjoyable and relevant to life, outside school.

The theme of the conference was "Creating a Sustainable Environment through Schools".

In this conference, we had an opportunity to network with other educators from across the country and abroad. There were more than 300 environment educators from all over the country as well as from other nations.

Stood out sessions were:

  • Teachers' competencies for ESD (Education for Sustainable Development)
  • Carbon neutralization in a school
  • Integrating essential concepts in curriculum
  • How schools can address some of the critical environmental issues by integrating them creatively in their education process
  • Green curriculum
  • Special group activity sessions were taken up focussing on linking Environment Education to classroom activities through various subjects.

Notable speakers were Ms Ranjana Saikia, Director, Educating Youth for Sustainable Development Division, TERI and Mr.Rajiv Seth, Registrar, TERI University.

A special session, 'Principals' Forum' organized, wherein 80 school's principal discussed 'Relevance of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in the 21st century curriculum' and practical issues related to the integration of ESD approaches in the schools.

Throughout the event, school educators, guests and speakers were given ample space and freedom to discuss their concerns, reflect on the issues, and think of innovative and creative ways to meet the goals.

We also spoke about our views and shared our activities and experiences with the participants and speakers. And it was heartening to see, we were being seen by the group as one of the key players in this objective in the state of Gujarat.

The main objectives of the conference were:

  • To provide an interactive platform to the stakeholders in education to discuss the successful pathways for turning their schools green
  • To seek participation of members of the government, academia, and policy makers
  • To present replicable case studies from participants involved in Education for Sustainable Development
  • To find a comprehensive solution to the adverse impacts of unsustainable lifestyle choices on the environment, with appropriate use of available resources and technology.

The conference was endorsed by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Ministry of Environment and Forests, Department of Environment Delhi Government, UNESCO, Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan, Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti, GTZ, NCERT and SCERT-Haryana, Tetrapak India Pvt. Ltd, DELL, Hewlett Packard India Pvt Ltd.


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